Nail your next interview with ease

For most of us, job interviews ranks right up there with root canals and IRS audits on our list of most dreaded activities. The trick to mastering interviews starts with confidence but also involves thorough preparation and the ability to connect and build rapport.

In this small group setting, you'll:

  • Learn tips to boost your confidence and enhance your interview performance,

  • Discuss and practice your answers to tricky interview questions,

  • Engage in interactive activities to loosen up your delivery,

  • Design a strategy for answering the "Tell me about yourself" question to set your interviews on the right course, and

  • Aim to reframe the act of interviewing from "torturous" to "mildly annoying" or  even "somewhat enjoyable."


Who: Bill Johnson, Interview & Confidence Coach from Face Forward and Kristin Schuchman, Career Strategist from Spark a Career

What: Job Interview Workshop

When: Thursday, September 20, 7 to 9pm, Free

Where: Brightside Coworking, 6018 SE Stark St., Portland, OR

Why: To build your confidence and create a strategy to de-mystify job interviewing

Email Kristin at if you would like to attend. Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon.


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Interview + Confidence Coach

Face Forward

With over 20 years’ experience coaching numerous people from various walks of life and of varying abilities, Bill has a keen eye and ability to assist people in finding their confidence, identifying strengths, and encouraging growth. Bill helps clients in virtually every stage of confidence development, from public speaking to authentic engagement with employers and during interviews. He also advises clients (re)entering the work force, transitioning in an upwardly mobile career, or applying to undergraduate or graduate school. Find out more about Bill at


Career Counselor

Spark a Career

Kristin works with professionals in transition, whether changing careers, starting businesses, or re-launching  after an absence (i.e., raising kids or returning to school). She loves helping people unlock inner potential, answer true callings, and build fulfilling professional lives. She offers career seekers and solopreneurs a mix of personal branding expertise, counseling skills, and clear-headed insight, helping professionals navigate less linear career paths. As a mother who returned to school after 40, she am especially attuned to the needs of midlife professionals in transition. Read more about Kristin at