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Member Resources

Brightside Coworking uses the Satellite Deskworks application to manage subscriptions, billing and payments and scheduling of spaces in our facilities. The brief reference articles below provide step by step directions with pictures to help you access and use Satellite Deskworks for all your needs!

You can access Satellite Deskworks on the web at


Visit your favorite App Store and search for "Satellite Deskworks" to install the free app on your smart phone. When prompted, type "Brightside Space" in the center name to connect with Brightside Coworking.

New Member Login

Need help with logging in to Satellite Deskworks for the first time? Click here.

Member Profile

Learn to manage your member profile, including updating your profile and controlling privacy settings. Click here.

Menu Navigation

This guide covers the key menu options for Satellite Deskworks. Click here.


Learn about the information included on the Membership Dashboard in Satellite Deskworks. Click here.

Reservation Calendar

Understand how to navigate and use the Reservation Calendar. Click here.

Reserving a Room

For help completing a room reservation through Satellite Deskworks, click here.

Update or Cancel a Reservation

For help updating or cancelling a room reservation, click here.

Managing Payment Methods

For information about payment options and how to set up automatic payments through Satellite Deskworks, click here.

Understanding Usage and Billing

This guide provides all the information you need to understand how Satellite Deskwork tracks usage and billing. Click here for details.


Need help understanding your invoice? Please refer to our Understanding Your Invoice guide.

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