• Kristin Schuchman, MSW

The Hidden Perks of Cowoworking

For the coworking-curious, below are a few of the advantages of working in the same space as other professionals. Beyond the obvious benefits of sharing expenses and the potential for camaraderie, there are a number of less well known benefits that you might be surprised to discover.

Along with the opportunity to share learning, mentorship and collaboration and the potential to jointly offer trainings and participate in masterminds and peer learning groups, coworkers often enjoy:

  • Access to wifi, printing services and a conference room for substantial cost savings.

  • Potential to keep current on professional standards of practice.

  • Opportunities to meet more professionals both within and outside your profession to refer business back and forth, hire to perform professional services or just grab a coffee and take a walk to the local coffee shop.

  • People to provide the benefit of working in an office -- camaraderie and collaboration -- yet maintain your own autonomy and creative vision.

  • Regular events like social mixers, monthly art shows, headshot photo shoots, and vision board workshops.

  • The external impetus to complete your work in a professional, attractive atmosphere (as opposed to staying home in your PJs staring out the window at the rain).

  • Mutual coaching and support to help grow your practice/business with information on website development, SEO, billing, marketing, financial management, and insurance.

For those of you who like metrics, the numbers to support coworking as a sound strategy are also promising:

70% of coworkers reported they felt healthier than they did in a traditional setting.

64% are better able to complete tasks on time.

68% said they were able to focus better while coworking.

92% are satisfied with their coworking space.

91% have better interactions with others after coworking.

60% are more relaxed at home since coworking.

90% felt more confident when coworking.

50% report higher incomes.

30% prefer to work during normal business hours.

84% of coworking space members are more motivated.

83% are less lonely.

67% said coworking improved their professional success.

70% said they feel more successful since joining a coworking space.

71% of coworking space members collaborate.

Source: catjohnson.com, officevibe.com

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